BKF Corruption and Recovery Information Bank!

"More Information on BKF Repairing Process"

Here is the information bank that will offer you a complete, comprehensive, and in-depth knowledge regarding BKF file corruption causes, errors encountered after backup file corruptness, and the solution to repair BKF file that we offer with its state-of-the-art BKF file repair features.

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BKF File Corruption Causes

  • A common cause is the misfunctioning of your Windows backup program
  • Corruption in the transaction log file of the Windows file system
  • While transferring some backup data file over the network, CRC error occurs
  • Sometimes, catalog files also go missing leading to BKF damage
  • Occurrence of corruption is likely at the time of data restoration from off line media
  • The most well known damage causing viruses and Trojans can be the reason
  • Your machine, when shutdown in an improper way, can also account for the backup file damage
  • Possibly you must have attempted to mount the wrong storage device for performing the data restoration process
  • It is possible that some of your backup sets might have got damaged
  • Designing of BKF format long time back not that is now withstanding the storage of huge amount of data
  • Using some low-quality BKF data storage device without noticing its unreliability can also result in the damage
  • One of the most obvious reasons is the use of removable storage media for storing the backup data, which is known to be always prone to viruses etc
  • Some uncontrollable incident like power surge/outage etc can also cause the corruption of backup data files

Errors Encountered after Backup File Corruptness:

  • 297268 – Data Fragmentation Occurs When You Use Ntbackup.exe to Restore Data to a Clean Volume
  • 296841 – Ntbackup Is Not Successful and Event 904 Error 0xC7FE1F42 Is Logged
  • 295159 – Scheduled Backups May Hang After Mounting Tape
  • 291562 – The Windows 2000 Ntbackup Program May Stop Responding
  • 289261 – Backup Takes Much Longer When PAE Is Enabled
  • 283547 – Cannot Find Windows NTBackup Folder and Catalog Files in Windows XP
  • 283290 – Backing Up a WINS Database on a Windows 2000 Cluster
  • 277701 – Ntbackup Cannot Restore from Backup Sets That Are Located on a Second Tape in a Continuation Sequence
  • 273400 – Ntbackup.exe Is Unable to Restore Data When it Encounters an Unknown Data String

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